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Hello and welcome to the SRU multicultural blog. The purpose of this blog is to suggest and exchange ideas that will lead to a transformation of our campus into a welcoming and accepting environment for all people. Also included is space to include ideas for teaching circles that will be organized through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Educational Technology.

This blog is not meant for complaints or for outing people who might fit one's personal views of being nonaccepting. This blog will be regularly monitored and comments that are deemed inappropriate will not be posted.

Instructions for posting a comment:
Click on the category (e.g., race/ethnicity, gender) that may fit your suggestion OR click on "Other" if you have a suggestion that does not fit one of the categories shown or if you are unsure. After you have typed your suggestion in the "post a comment" box, click on the "select profile" dropbox and select anonymous. Once you are satisfied with your comment, select "post comment" and verify the word that appears. Click on Finish and you are done! Your comment will be reviewed for posting.

Thank you for your time and effort in making SRU a better place!



Sexual Orientation


Ideas for Teaching Circles